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FCInet & ma³tch

secure, fast, effective

FCInet initiative

FCInet is a decentralised network, created, financed and governed by its members.

Why FCInet?

With FCInet you can quickly find relevant information, both nationally and globally, while at the same time respecting the rights of the data subjects.

The technology

FCInet allows you to search for matching data without collecting or sharing personal information.

Contact FCInet

Would you like to receive more information about FCInet? Contact the FCInet Secretariat.

Logo FCInet

Join forces internationally

How can you find information on a target, without exposing the name of that target to third parties? FCInet, the government developed decentralised computer network with privacy-friendly technologies, can help you do that. The Financial Criminal Investigation network – in short FCInet – was initiated by the Forum of Heads of Tax Crime Investigation held in Amsterdam in September 2015 under the auspices of the OECD. It has since grown into a cooperation instrument in several governmental domains worldwide.

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Privacy friendly analysis

A core functionality in FCInet to identify relevant information in real time is the award-winning privacy enhancing technology ma³tch. Ma3tch facilitates privacy friendly data matching and distributed analyses without bringing data together in one central place. Unnecessary access to personal data is thus prevented. This is one of the reasons why ma3tch was considered a good investment in privacy by the government, where, clearly, the issue of privacy really is on the agenda” and was honoured with a privacy award: 2021 Dutch Privacy Awards