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FCInet initiative

A strong information position of governments worldwide is needed to tackle fiscal fraud, financial crime or other crimes that undermine society. At the same time, these governments must safeguard and protect public values, in particular the right to privacy. A challenging dual role for government organisations that collect and use data for the proper execution of their work. The Forum of Heads of Tax Crime Investigation, held under the auspices of the OECD, recognised this duality and initiated the Financial and/or Criminal Investigation network (FCInet) to meet this challenge. An FCInet Secretariat was set up at the end of 2016 to execute the FCInet initiative and associated challenges.

FCInet Secretariat

The FCInet Secretariat is a public service resorting under the Dutch Ministry of Finance (hosted by FIOD) and is funded by the annual contributions of the FCInet members. It acts worldwide, develops the FCInet and ma3tch technology, facilitates domestic and international cooperation, organises international gatherings, and provides strategic, technical and administrative advice and support to the entire FCInet community. Its core business is to strengthen mutual trust, the information position, and the cooperation opportunities of FCInet members. Ensuring they are fully equipped to exploit financial intelligence to the maximum.

FCInet Community

The FCInet community consists of financial investigation services, tax organisations and other government organisations that use FCInet to carry out their government task. They operate in different domains: the law enforcement domain, the tax administration domain, the FIU domain and the domestic domain. The number of domains is not exhaustive and is growing as new types of organisations join FCInet.

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