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FCInet technology

FCInet is a non-commercial (government developed) decentralised computer system that enables financial criminal investigation services and/ or tax organisations from different jurisdictions to work together, while respecting each other’s local autonomy. With FCInet, they can jointly connect information, without the need to surrender data or control to a central database or authority, and without unlawful intrusion on privacy.

The main feature of FCInet is that it is a decentralised system. Information in FCInet is only locally accessible, unless it is explicitly exchanged with other FCInet participants (push only). A core functionality in FCInet that allows financial criminal investigation services and/ or tax organisations to jointly analyse information and to identify relevant information in real time, is ma3tch. Ma3tch enables distributed analysis without the need to bring data together in one central place.

FCInet uses ma3tch for privacy friendly data matching. Ma3tch agents pseudonymise local data into match filters. The user decides itself what data is used to create the filter. In addition, the user decides itself with which other organisation(s) the filter is shared. The receiving organisation matches its local data against the received filter in FCInet. Only hits on information that both the sending organisation and the receiving organisation have in common, are revealed. Subsequently, identified hits can be validated and followed up.

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