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Why FCInet?

You are fighting financial economic crime. Your information is not complete, you just have one piece of the puzzle. You suspect that someone named Mr. X is engaged in suspicious activities. But how do you prove that? Are you not missing valuable information?

You could approach domestic or international partners and ask if they know Mr. X. But that would already give away sensitive information to third parties, while they might not even have information for you. And what if Mr. X turns out to be innocent? Then you could accidentally have damaged his reputation. But requesting all data from all partners and finding out yourself who has information on Mr. X is a no-go as well. No partner simply hands over all its data, moreover, it is not allowed. They would like to help, but you’ll have to indicate exactly who you are looking for and why.

So, you have to somehow find out who has information on Mr. X, without exposing that the one you are searching for is Mr. X.

This is exactly what FCInet makes possible. With FCInet you see immediately which partners may have the other pieces. You can put the puzzle together fast, efficiently and effective. And what’s more: all data remains secure. FCInet shows you where to find more information, but does not reveal the information itself. Everyone stays in control of own data, while privacy of citizens and data protection laws are respected.

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